Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zeichen Press back in the News!

This time as one of Minnesota Monthly's "Best of the Cities" picks!

Greeting Cards

Truth be told, Zeichen Press owners Fran and Jen Shea didn’t start a letterpress intending to be the next Hallmark. Sure, Zeichen can be sweet, but when you’d rather be honest, borderline snarky, Zeichen’s notecards are refreshingly blunt. The 30-something sisters-in-law have backgrounds in design—Fran formerly an art director and Jen previously worked as an interior designer—and both had been stay-at-home moms prior to starting the press. The Shea sisters use an antique press to make bold, new statements such as “I’m glad you’re having a baby and I’m not.” If it’s true, why not say what you feel? www.zeichenpress. com

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